One of the key indicators of democracy and good governance is peaceful elections because they help create the foundation for stable political transitions. However, the accent on peace seems to ignore the fact that a peaceful election on its own does not make a democracy and that



Participants at  the Nairobi Womens’ March in solidarity with women around the world campaigning for recognition of women’s rights

The concept of civic space and that of participative democracy are two peas in a pod. A people cannot be said to exist in a healthy democracy where their civic



The Summit Background

The Kenya Human Rights Commission (KHRC) convened a people’s summit to commemorate the International Anti-corruption Day on 9thDecember 2016 at the Ufungamano House. The summit aimed at providing real opportunity for the public, Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and the government to engage in a political dialogue



The Makonde community in Kenya arrived in the country in the 1940s mainly as labourers in sugar and sisal plantations at the coast. The fact that many of those plantations have since gone out of business left members of the Makonde community not only without citizenship but also without


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