Police Reforms Working Group- Kenya PRWG-K urges President Uhuru Kenyatta to establish judicial commission of inquiry into extrajudicial executions

We the undersigned national and international organizations under the auspice of the Police Reforms Working Group- Kenya (PRWG-K), strongly condemn the summary execution of a young man in Nairobi’s Eastleigh on 31 April 2017 by an officer believed to be attached to the Pangani Police Station, as shown in the video widely circulated on social and mainstream media.
In the video, the plain-clothed police officer is seen holding a young man, whom he turns around and shoots. The officer fires a first round of 5 shots into the midsection of the young man. He is then seen requesting for a second firearm and fires another five rounds into the young man who is at this point lying on the ground. The young man, still evidently alive, receives one more shot and his head falls lifelessly onto the pavement. Next to him is the lifeless body of another young man in a pool of blood who apparently was shot earlier.

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