Kura Yangu Sauti Yangu press statement on supreme court ruling

On Friday, the Supreme Court of Kenya spoke unequivocally for the Constitution and the rule of law. Its judgment in the presidential election petition is an unprecedented and courageous statement of justice that will continue to reverberate across Africa and the world. We applaud the courageous decision of the majority of the judges and understand the two dissenting minority opinions.

President Uhuru Kenyatta’s subsequent denigration of the Supreme Court in the aftermath of its decision, which has gone as far as referring to the judges as crooks, and threatening to “fix them” after 60 days, is unfortunate in the extreme and must be condemned as an attempt to seat impunity within our constitutional democracy. Leaders in the Jubilee Party have taken his cue to also insult, threaten and disrespect the Judiciary. These statements signal a tendency toward authoritarian rule that must be resisted.

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