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KHRC's Key Strategies


The Commission engages in diverse advocacy tools to initiate change in policy, laws and institutional practices towards greater democratic, accountable and human rights-based governance. It also engages in pro-democracy and human rights movement advocacy on strategic issues including constitutional reform processes, while initiating support for constitutional based claims made by communities and the Kenyan citizenry at large.

Research, Monitoring and Documentation

KHRC has been renowned for its well researched reports on human rights issues. It continues to bear this mantle as it conducts research and publishes reports and information on topical and emerging human rights issues. The reports are used to seek response from duty-bearers and for policy dialogue with relevant institutions.

The Commission also monitors and documents human rights violations and exposes perpetrators and institutional failures responsible for violations. Reports on violations are often received through the Commission’s Legal Aid Clinic, fact-finding missions, human rights networks and other organizations, and the media. The KHRC allies with communities at community and national levels to strengthen public vigilance and oversight on state actors.

Media, Publicity and Communication

KHRC’s 2008 – 2012 Strategic Plan aims at investing in an alternative national and community driven media, to give visibility to community struggles while continuing to enhance the quality and dissemination of its public information resources, and creatively using emerging communication technologies for its messaging and networking with partners and stakeholders.

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