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Thematic Goals and Objectives

The work of KHRC is carried out through various strategies namely research, monitoring and documentation; legislative and policy advocacy; legal aid and public interest litigations; capacity building and networking with state and non-state actors; engaging in urgent action and rapid response to emerging issues; mainstreaming diversity and ensuring equality and non-discrimination; fostering media relations and publicity; monitoring and evaluation; and, enhancing institutional capacity and sustainability.

These are organized into four thematic areas of Civil and Political Rights (CPR); Economic and Social Rights (ESR); Equality and Non-discrimination(END) and Institutional Development and Sustainability (IDS) with five strategic objectives.

Theme One:  

Transformative Justice whose  strategic objective is enhanced human rights-based cultures of constitutionalism, people-driven governance and responsive justice.  

Theme Two:

Political Pluralism & Diversity whose strategic objective is enhanced representation and participation of targeted marginalised groups in political governance

Theme Three:

Economic & Social Justice whose twin strategic objectives are- 

  1.  Producers’, workers’, consumers’ and host communities’ rights protected and 
  2.  Improved accountability in service delivery leads to improved access to economic, social and cultural rights.
Theme Four:

Institutional Support & Development whose strategic objective is a well-resourced and self-sustaining KHRC that delivers on its mandate. 


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