The Story of Kenya in the New Era

Since the promulgation of the new Constitution of Kenya (2010), many narratives are going on and they are very interesting. The first narrative is about those who dared oppose the new order. In this new Kenya, strangely, they have space to do what


The date for the National Referendum on the Proposed Constitution Kenya (PCK) is on 4th August 2010; and it is approaching very fast. The ‘greens’ (those in favour) and the ‘reds’ (those opposed to) are busy campaigning. They are even breaking the law by campaigning ahead of the day provided


In the last few weeks, a lot of time has been taken debating on the RIGHT TO LIFE. Many have stated that termination of pregnancy (read abortion) must not be allowed. And if allowed, the Catholics and other Christian faithful will organize to vote NO at the upcoming referendum. No


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