About Us

The Kenya Human Rights Commission (KHRC) was founded in 1992 and registered in Kenya in 1994 as a national non-governmental organisation (NGO). Throughout its existence, the core agenda of the Commission has been campaigning for the entrenchment of a human rights and democratic culture in Kenya. Its founders and staff are among the foremost leaders and activists in struggles for human rights and democratic reforms in Kenya. KHRC works at community level with human rights networks (HURINETS) across Kenya and links community, national and international human rights concerns.

Mandate, Vision and Mission

Our Mandate Enhancing human rights centred governance at all levels. Our Vision A society of free people. Our Mission Our mission is to root human dignity, freedoms, and social justice in Kenya and beyond. This will be achieved through multiple strategies and actions aimed at entrenching human rights and democratic values in the soceity by facilitating and supporting individuals, communities and groups to claim and defend...

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Our Core Values

Fairness and Social Justice: Resources should be distributed equitably to the benefit of all people. State and non-state actors must shape the human rights discourse in their policies, strategies and practices to uphold fairness and social justice. Participation and Empowerment: State and non-state actors have an obligation to provide information and opportunities for meaningful citizens’ participation in decision making and access...

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Key Strategies

Having played a key role as a member of the constitutional reference group in the drafting and run up to the referendum and subsequent promulgation of Constitution of Kenya 2010, we shift our focus to safeguarding the gains in this new Constitution which promises to Kenyans a new dawn. The Constitution of Kenya 2010 is progressive and rights-based offering an...

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