The Commission has received several accolades from peers within and without the country for its tireless work in the fight for the protection of human rights. KHRC has received recognition for specific interventions as well as its long term work within the sector. Read about them here:

Institutional Support and Development

KHRC is an innovative and dynamic organization that keeps up with trends in development and works toward efficacy in the implementation of initiatives. The organizations internal support system endeavoured to adopt state of the art technology in office administration. With vibrant social media activity, the organization maintains links with global audiences in human rights discussions. The organization has well-qualified staff that...

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Transformative Justice

This programme sustained advocacy for adherence to constitutionalism in the formulation of policy and legislation and where necessary, supporting strategic interest litigation in defence of the Constitution. Examples include: Supporting a case challenging the constitutionality of the National Assembly’s decision to nullify certain Gazette Notices issued by the Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC) in respect of the salaries for state offices, More...

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Political Plurality and Diversity Programme

Male legislators made positive statements in Parliament in support of the Protection Against Domestic Violence (PADV) Bill after being convened by KHRC. KHRC identified potential parliamentarians to partner with on realization of the 2/3rd gender principle. There is continued push toward the passing of this Bill, 50 years since it was first tabled in parliament. KHRC contributed to the adoption of...

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Economic and Social Justice Programme

Over the years, there has been a trend in all regions of the world to reduce the role of the state and to rely on the market to resolve problems of human welfare, often in response to conditions generated by international and national financial markets and institutions and in an effort to attract investments from the multinational enterprises whose wealth...

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