Political Plurality and Diversity Programme

Male legislators made positive statements in Parliament in support of the Protection Against Domestic Violence (PADV) Bill after being convened by KHRC. KHRC identified potential parliamentarians to partner with on realization of the 2/3rd gender principle. There is continued push toward the passing of this Bill, 50 years since it was first tabled in parliament.

KHRC contributed to the adoption of a resolution on violence on the basis of sexual orientation by the ACHPR at its 55th Session. Media has improved understanding of how to ensure sensitive and human rights based reporting of LGBTI issues.

In a bid to ensure equity at the County level, through KHRC’s intervention Kwale County Assembly is auditing its recruitment process in order to ensure equity from the onset.

KHRC has formed a working partnership with Nakuru County Government to explore the adoption of an equality policy which will enhance the equal representation and participation of special interest groups.

Key relationships have been built with state and national, regional and international non-state actors that work on:

  1. Electoral issues, and
  2. The rights of 4 specific marginalized groups (Women, PWDs, LGBTI persons and marginalized ethnic or racial groups) in Malawi, Botswana and South Africa which had elections in 2014.

KHRC has been selected to co-chair the Normative Sub-Group on International and Regional treaty obligations of the Gender Sector Coordination Group from 2014-2016 and also tasked with leading the Mwamko Mpya initiative in coming up with an action plan towards comprehensive equality.

A concept has been prepared and the Mwamko Mpya initiative which led to the launch of a National Action Plan to address gender equality in political, social and economic spheres by March 2015. Read about this event here.

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