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KHRC is an innovative and dynamic organization that keeps up with trends in development and works toward efficacy in the implementation of initiatives. The organizations internal support system endeavoured to adopt state of the art technology in office administration. With vibrant social media activity, the organization maintains links with global audiences in human rights discussions.

The organization has well-qualified staff that is recruited through a transparent competitive process. You can keep abreast with upcoming vacancies here 

Fundraising is a key activity for the organization as it aims towards financial sustainability through ethical campaign activities. This is particularly vital to ensure that human rights issues are human rights issues are addressed strategically and efficiently. Read about KHRC’s donors and partners here.

The organization employs strategic communication for offline and online stakeholders in order to coordinate efforts in realizing the protection of human rights at all levels. For updates on activities, follow KHRC on Twitter.

Results are at the heart of KHRC’s operations. For this reason, the organization has harmonized Planning, Learning, Monitoring and Reporting (PLMR) Manual. An M&E for Human Rights Network has been initiated and a capacity assessment of its membership has been conducted. KHRC has also revised and strengthened frameworks relating to periodical progress reports and operational plans. These have ensured more focus on the results achieved and more efficiency in resource utilization.

KHRC’s timely documentation and response to emerging human rights violations and abuses through continuous monitoring, fact finding missions, policy briefs, reports, press statements, legal aid clinics, legal and sector wide actions have seen increased access to remedies for human rights violations.

For instance:

  • 616 legal aid clients were attended to with improved satisfaction due to more efficient systems;
  • HURINETs are now reporting their cases of violation through blogs,
  • SMS and social media platforms and many ICT4D trainees have created WhatsApp groups for mobilization and effective reporting of cases.
  • The KHRC has been appointed as team convenor for the CSO reference group’s PBO Act Advocacy team.
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