Enhancing Policy Engagements with Presidential Candidates on Sectoral and Societal Issues

During the last 9 months, the civil society and other Public Benefit Organizations (PBO)1 in Kenya have adopted and implemented the notion of “Summits” as the strategy and forum for periodical and high level convening of the sector leadership and membership to canvass and take joint positions on the key policy and political issues affecting us and the society in general.
The first summit was held2 on October 6, 2016 at the All African Conference of Churches (AACC, Westlands) within the context where the Government of Kenya had through the Department of Justice not only failed to commence the Public Benefits Organizations Act(as directed by the Devolution and Planning Cabinet Secretary in a policy directive dated September 7, 2016) but also gone to an extent of having its National NGO Coordination Board and proxies challenge and derail the implementation of the same through a court process.
Medika Medi
Author: Medika Medi
Communications Assistant