Civil Society Agenda for the State and Political Leadership in the Context of the 2017 General Elections and Beyond.

Civil Society Organisations in Kenya are under significant pressure as they face an increase in calls to limit their activities in the run up to the general elections; smear campaigns labelling them as working for foreign interests; intrusion in their internal affairs; undue surveillance, targeting, harassment and other forms of intimidation.
The Regulator of Non-Governmental Organisations (the body in charge of oversight of the CSO sector) continues to exhibit lack of independence from the State. By exercising sweeping powers, this body interferes in almost all aspects of CSO life, undermining the independence of CSOs and their rights to freedom of association. Officials from the administrative body are using vague legal provisions to justify threats of, or actual, de-registration, exorbitant fines, bogus prosecutions, searches, and freezing of bank accounts
Medika Medi
Author: Medika Medi
Communications Assistant