KHRC uses a thematic approach in programmatic operations. This is in line with the current Strategic Plan which highlights Economic and Social Rights, Equality and Non-Discrimination and Civil and Political Rights. In order to capture these more effectively, the Commission has further aligned these programmes with the Constitution of Kenya (2010) as follows:

Transformative Justice (TJ)

The Transformative Justice (TJ) Programme is the embodiment of KHRC’s continued commitment to supporting victims and survivors to seek redress through various platforms while also advocating for structural and institutional reforms towards more responsive and people-centred governance. Globally, the resurgence of both internal and external armed conflict has occasioned increased focus on the future viability of the human rights discourse. Transitional...

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Economic and Social Justice (ESJ)

Over the years, there has been a trend in all regions of the world to reduce the role of the state and to rely on the market to resolve problems of human welfare, often in response to conditions generated by international and national financial markets and institutions and in an effort to attract investments from the multinational enterprises whose wealth...

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Political Pluralism and Diversity (PPD)

Within the KHRC’s Strategic Plan (2014-2018), the Equality and Non-Discrimination (now renamed to Political Pluralism and Diversity thematic programme envisions “Enhanced Representation and Participation of Targeted Marginalized Groups in Political Governance”. The programme endeavours to enhance the inclusion and participation of these marginalized groups in the public sphere, particularly in decision making. In this operational period (2016-2018), KHRC will advocate for...

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Institutional Support and Development (ISD)

Institutional Support and Development (ISD) is the support unit to the entire organisation with the There are also synergies between sections of the outputs outlined below. For instance improved brand awareness will also heighten KHRC’s ability to increase the funding it receives. ICT can assist with fundraising through the use of online media for anonymous gifts and mobilizing for community...

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